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How to invite your customers to write service reviews

A guide to sending out service review invitation emails and to generate invitation-links using the Trustpilot API



This article describes a few steps to get you “up and running” with creating invitations and invitation-links using the Trustpilot API. The screenshots used in the article that show the API calls are made using the API client application called Postman.

While the API examples provided are valid, they contain “dummy data” and {{placeholders}}. Remember to fill in the correct values for the placeholders.

We recommend that you follow and read the documentation (links) in this guide to get a better  understanding of the API endpoints and how they work.

Before we start - Authentication

To use the Invitation API you first need to authenticate. Once you’ve authenticated you should have an access_token that you can use to authorize the different API calls

Create Invitation (Send out from Trustpilot’s system)

Email Templates

Before you start calling the API to send out invitations through Trustpilot’s email service you should find out what template(s) you want to use. You can find, create and update templates from within our Business Application (https://businessapp.b2b.trustpilot.com) - see screenshot below

API call (create and send invitation)

Once you’ve got the ID of the template, you can call the “Create new invitation” endpoint in the Invitation API. (see screenshot below)

Invitation History

The invitation is not sent instantly from Trustpilot’s system - it is put on a queue and sent out within a few minutes. You can see the progress in the Invitation History inside the Business Application (see screenshot below)

Create Invitation Link

API call (create invitation-link)

To create invitation-links for your customers to review your service you can call the “Generate service review invitation link” endpoint. (see screenshot below)



  "id": "e4cc7148e47bfddabb036ca21885eae7",

  "url": "https://dk.trustpilot.com/evaluate-link/e4cc7148e47bfddabb036ca21885eae7"