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How to get an API key and a secret (credentials)

A guide to getting API credentials (API key and API secret) to the Trustpilot API


To start using the Trustpilot API you’ll need API credentials. The credentials in form of a ‘key’ and ‘secret’ are used to authenticate with the Trustpilot API. So how you get your API credentials?

Trustpilot customers

Trustpilot customers can get access to the API through their subscription plan. To find out if you have access to APIs in the first you should contact your Account Manager at Trustpilot. The Account Manager can help you get the API credentials needed to get started.

Trustpilot partners

Trustpilot partners get access to the API through a technology partnership agreement. The API credentials are shared once the partnership is formalised. If you’re looking to become a partner, please visit or partners page here: apps.trustpilot.com/partners